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How We Make

All of our Mini You Figurines are personally handcrafted unique pieces of art. Our artists sculpt the heads from a polymer clay compound which allow the facial expressions to be intricately moulded. A great level of detail is given to capturing every distinguishing characteristic to achieve a close resemblance.

Draft photos are emailed at several stages to you for approval prior to commencing the next stage. Production follows the schedule below. Please allow approximately 3 working days between each stage upon approval (remember the quicker you reply back to us at each stage, the quicker we can ship your figurine to you!

STAGE 1 - Face only (no hair, no body, no background)
STAGE 2 - Body
STAGE 3 - Additional background item or accessory (where ordered)
STAGE 4 - Complete figurine with hair, background item or accessory (where ordered)

Please note that once approval is received at a stage, no additional changes can be made! Upon acceptance at stage 4, the figurine is kiln fired in order to set. Once again, no further changes can be made after this.

On standard design figurines, the bodies are a pre-set mould made from polyresin. The head-piece, body and background are assembled together before delivery, and inspected by our quality control to ensure they are secure and free of defects.